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Inspired Transformation Courses

If you aren't quite ready for mentoring but want to work more deeply with yourself and my tools and practices, try on one of my Inspired Transformation courses in my classroom. Below are a few courses I have available, by clicking on their links you will be sent to the teachable classroom and sales pages. 


Free Course - 

How to Live A High Vibe, Heart Centered Life 

8 days worth of lessons providing 10+ tools and principles to help you realize your truest state of being, and manifest your Heart Centered shift. Work a day at a time on this powerful course, or blast through it in your own time. Please just remember to soak in the information and work intently with the tools and practices provided.

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Paid Course -

Acknowledge Your Power - 10 Day Course

This course will teach you where you are giving your power away within your life, and how to consciously reclaim it to bring more positivity to yourself and the environments around you.This course is jam packed with mindfulness tools, practices, and shifts in perspective to help you begin making the changes you need and to explore a more present and positive way of living. I look forward to having you in the Spirit & Soul Personal Growth community!!!