Riley Reign

Intuitive Empowerment Mentoring

WTF is an intuitive mentor?! 

Intuitive Mentoring is my personal spin on life coaching. I live a very intentional lifestyle and that bleeds into my work as you may expect. My life is lead by my intuition and because of this I have experienced beautiful moments of growth through darkness, and wisdom from experiences you could say were less than wise. 




using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.

"I had an intuitive conviction that there was something unsound in him"





an experienced and trusted adviser.

"he was her friend and mentor until his death in 1915"


I chose the title Intuitive Mentor because it is so deeply aligned with who I am as a person. I lead my life from intuition, a very open space, and I am incredibly called to help people. Intuitive Mentoring is a gorgeous and personal blend of intuitive reading and life coaching. This brings to the surface both personal and spiritual growth, along with life guidance and simple practices of mindset and action to implement along your journey. The goal here is to bring you an experience that results in the presence of more ease, confidence, and joy in the process of your life and growth.

It is in this soft open space we will work together to discover the answers you seek, implementing mindfulness techniques, intuitive guidance, and practices of trust in the process and open heartedness. I will offer you my intuitive inspiration and guidance to help bring you the peace, joy, and growth you desire. My purpose in this space is for you to leave the call on a higher vibration than when we began, and for you to feel supported, grounded and empowered in cultivating your growth.

I want to bring you from a place of feeling like you'll never find clarity to having a crystal clear vision and intention for your life that is aligned with your journey and purpose. I want to help guide you out of feeling stuck or misaligned and guide you into a space of feeling inspired, empowered, and liberated. I want to help you grow and open up to the magic of opportunity and possibility within your life. Sometimes this takes small mental shifts, and other times it can require deep emotional healing. I will be there to guide you through any experiences that show up in your growth with light, support, and grace.

We will work in this space to unveil deep clarity for you on your journey, brighten your life with amplified confidence, and get rooted into a space of unshakeable trust both in Higher Power and the process. If you're feeling stuck, stagnant, or unclear in your life and personal journey this work has the possibility to completely shift and realign your life into a high vibration, ultra inspired, empowered, and positive space.

It is a space like this that you deserve to live in, and it will be that kind of nourishing energy you'll need to grow into your power and purpose in life. 

Please know that this is not for the faint of heart, and you must be willing and open to achieve the results you desire. You get the results you show up for. As you'll read below, I am open to doing single call sessions, and I also work with women 1 on 1 for 1 month periods of time or 3 month periods of time. Please choose intuitively what you feel that you need, what you are willing to show up for, and what choice lights you up with excitement and inspiration. 


Please complete the form below. I will review it as quickly as possible and get back to you within 72 hours. Namaste! 


More Testimonials Below



Riley has a subtle, kind and light energy. The kind that glistens on a bright day. Intuitively, she can feel into the path ahead of least resistance, openings and opportunities. Clarity, reassurance and peace will follow her where she goes.


"I spent an hour on the phone with Riley and got great clarity/confirmation on some business and life decisions. Riley was so caring, attentive and sensitive to my needs which are 3 things that are very important to me as a consumer. I totally enjoyed my session and will definitely be speaking with her again! "



From the moment I met Riley I knew the stars aligned to put her on my path. Within days, we were finishing each others' sentences like long-time girlfriends from childhood. I've been dipping my toe into an enlarged paradigm of spirituality which includes manifestation, meditation, visualization, and fully embracing the freedom to explore the vast spiritual space. After growing up with a view of spirituality as restriction, this can sometimes be an overwhelming and fear-inducing experience.

Riley has been an indispensable guide, walking right alongside me as I explore this new enlightened. Her intuitive wisdom and ability to speak to me exactly where I'm at immediately put me at ease. I look forward to continuing the journey with her beautiful soul accompanying me the whole way. Though I haven't met her in person (yet!) I consider her a close friend and a powerful teacher and mentor.



Riley’s Intuitive Mentoring Sessions are a breath of fresh air. Her authentic, supportive attitude paired with her intuition make for the perfect mix of practical and intuitive advice. My session with her flew by as we swiftly moved from one issue to the next unblocking doubts and concerns at light speed. During our time together Riley was always attentive, kind and insightful, highly recommended to anyone in need of some focused support.




I really appreciated our call and Riley gave me a sense of calm when I need it.


What I got out of our session was such a gift. I got to realign myself back onto my path and work through some blocks and really get honest with her. With her support you can get clear on what's coming up for you and explore your journey with someone who is literally offering her help because that's what she's called to do and committed to you ending your call with a higher vibration, a powerful message & clarity that you know what you want to do.



Clarity! Like an arrow hitting the bullseye, Riley reflected back to me what I most needed to hear in the moment to quiet my anxiety and doubt and return to my joy and trust. Her style is grounded and concise while being fully present and warm. After our mentoring session, I felt light and fortified with concrete tools for going forward. I highly recommend Riley to anyone feeling stuck or unsure and in need of clarity and support.


Riley offers timeless wisdom through a fresh perspective in her Intuitive Mentoring sessions. She has a kind and graceful approach. And I believe she has a special gift in working with young women to help them navigate life and love in this modern world.